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Library resources have been categorised under two collections:

  • I. Conventional Collection
  • II. Non-Conventional Collection

I. Conventional Collection

Under conventional collection the library holdings exceed 1.75 lakhs items which include books, bound volumes of journals, rare books, manuscripts, etc. The library receives Indian and foreign journals covering medicine, pharmacy, nursing, biotechnology, toxicology, computer science, management science, religion and social sciences.

Special Collection

The library has some special collections, which were donated by renowned scholars of India. These collections are:

Name of Collection Name of Donor & Year of Donation Languages Location
Naziria Collection Maulana Nazir Hussain
Urdu, Arabic and Persian Central Library
Malik Ram Collection Malik Ram
Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
A.R. Mufti Collection Mufti Atiqur Rahman Usmani 2000 Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
Malhotra Collection Dr. Rajinder Kumar Malhotra 2002 Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
Azad Collection Asrar Ahmad Azad
Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
Badauni Collection Tayyib Baksh Badauni
Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
Dr. Tanveer Alvi Collection Dr. Tanvir Alvi 1997 Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
Hyderabad Collection Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu, Hyderabad 1980 Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--
American Collection American Embassy, New Delhi
English --do--
Qasmi Collection Maulana Akhlaq Hussain Qasmi
Urdu, Arabic and Persian --do--

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