Free Database For All Users Of JAMIA Hamdard

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Free Database For All Users Of JAMIA Hamdard

  1. BLAST
  2. BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) allows scientist to search all available
    sequence databases to find genes similar to any given DNA or protein sequence.

  4. A search interface for information about current clinical research

  5. Drug InfoNet
  6. This database provides information and links on healthcare and pharmaceutical related topics.It also provides individual disease descriptions, articles, news, and support groups and links.

  7. Drug Topics
  8. This is an online news magazine for pharmacists. It includes news flashes, new products,
    cover stories, articles and links.

  9. DoseCalc Online
  10. It assists oncology healthcare professionals in calculating individual patient doses for oncology regime.
    It provides more than 120 standard referenced oncology regimes.

  11. Entrez Nucleotide
  12. This is a database of genetic sequences from GenBank, RefSeq, and the Protein Databank

  13. Entrez Protein
  14. This is a Database of protein sequences compiled from several databases.

  15. Entrez Structure
  16. This is a database of three-dimensional structures of proteins, DNA, and RNA.

  17. Entrez Genome
  18. This database contains the sequences of all of the genes of over 800 organisms.

  19. Internet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology
  20. It is a valuable database for pharmacology.

  21. Plants National Database(USA)
  22. This is a database of information about plant research, classification, phylogeny,
    as well as many plant images from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  23. PubScience
  24. Bibliographic databse with abstracts ( and some full text) from peer-reviewed journal
    articles in Chemistry and physics.It is provided by the Department of Energy, USA.

  25. PrePrint Network
  26. This is a Gateway to hundreds of preprint sites and servers, most of which are located
    on JAMIA Hamdard web sites.The PrePrint Network allows the user to search for full text
    chemistry,biology,material science, physics, m aths, and environmental science articles
    before they have been published.

  27. PubMed
  28. The NLM's free interface to Medline, a bibliographic database of medical and biological
    journal articles from 1966 to present

  29. PubMed Central
  30. The Database provides full text access to biomedical journal content

  31. TOXNET
  32. A group of databases (including TOXLINE) about toxicology and hazardous chemicals