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Developing Library Network (DELNET) ,New Delhi provides access to the following 19 databases

  • U.S. Patents : Full Text
  • Library of Congress Catalogues
  • SARAI : South Asia Resource Access on the INTERNET
  • National Bibliographic Database
  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
  • MEDLINE & Other Database of NLM
  • Cambridge Dictionaries Online
  • GISTNIC Databases
  • Union Catalogue of Books CCF: 41,21,727 records MARC: 44,132 records
  • Union List of Periodicals(25,062 records)
  • Union Catalogue of Periodicals (19,289 records)
  • Article's Database (7,63,367 records)
  • DEVINSA Database (20,000 records)
  • Union List of CDROM's (2,281 records)
  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (44,304 records)
  • Union List of Videorecordings (5,000 records)
  • Union List of Sound Recording (748 records)
  • Indian Specialists' : A Who's Who (2,000 records)
  • Urdu Manuscripts (210 records)
  • DELNET is a major resource sharing library network in India connecting more than 7700 libraries in 33 States and 8 other countries. DELNET is devoted to the modernisation & networking of libraries since 1988. Started in 1988 at the Indian International Centre in New Delhi, it was registered as a society in 1992. It is located in JNU, New Delhi. “Networking libraries, Spreading knowledge” is the prime objective of DELNET. The main objectives of DELNET are to promote resource sharing among member libraries by collecting, storing and disseminating information by offering networking services to users; to undertake scientific research in the area of information science and technology, create new systems in the field, apply the results of research; offer technical guidance to member libraries on collecting, storing, sharing and disseminating information; coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible; facilitate and promote the delivery of documents manually or mechanically etc. DELNET has launched Discovery Services and Knowledge Gainer Portal.
    Any book required available in 7700 libraries DELNET provide through ILL.
    The new portal has sophisticated features for advanced knowledge discovery.
    To Access DELNET: Go to DELNET Website at