Library News

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Library News

I.The Book Bank is over the years, meeting the requirements of student community for textbooks through its annual and semester issue programmes. During the year 2007-08, 789 applications from students from various faculties were received. Out of these, 773 students were issued books. During the year 2008-09, out of 856 students who have applied for books from the Book Bank, 790 students availed the Book bank facility.

II. An Exhibition to commemorate the Birth centenary celebration of Jb. Hkm. Abdul Hameed sahib (1908-1999), the founder-chancellor of Jamia Hamdard was held on 15th --22nd September 2008 on the ground floor of the HMS Central library. Rare photographs of Hakim sahib and his family members, Hakim sahib in the company of Nehru family, Hakim sahib with other dignitaries, books & documents by/on Hakim sahib, lists of Hakim sahib’s contributions in founding various educational institutions and social associations, sample of Hakim sahib’s handwriting, obituaries on the late Hakim sahib from selected sources, etc. were displayed. The Exhibition was visited by a large number of visitors including teachers, students and admirers of late Hkm. Abdul Hameed. It was inaugurated by Dr. S. Ahmed, the ex-Vice-chancellor.

III.Journals subscribed by the JAMIA Hamdard library are now being sent to different faculty libraries for a period of one month instead of 15 days as practiced earlier.

IV.Soft copies of doctoral theses are required to be submitted along with the bound copies by the research scholars with effect from the academic year 2008-09 to aid the HMS Central library for developing of ETD (electronic thesis & dissertation) database which will help the academicians, researchers, etc. in using research results from the theses optimally.

V. Modalities for digitization of rare manuscripts in the HMS Central library are under active consideration. Exploratory consultation has been already undertaken with the officials at the National Mission for manuscripts (NMM), Govt. of India. We expect to get this important work done free of cost.


VI. A saving of Rs.5.00 lakh has been achieved on the annual journal budget by the HMS Central library for the calendar year 2009 by dropping 08 (eight) subscribed online journals as these are being made available through the UGC-INFONET consortium. The dropped journals are:

Sl.No.Title of JournalName of Publisher/Society
01Australian Occupation Therapy JournalBlackwell Publishing Ltd.
02Biochemistry & Molecular Biology EducationJohn Wiley
03Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy Taylor & Francis
04International Journal of Nursing PracticeBlackwell Publishing Ltd.
05International Nursing ReviewBlackwell Publishing Ltd.
06Journal of Natural ProductsAmerican Chemical Society
07Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesJohn Wiley
08Journal Proteome ResearchAmerican Chemical Society

VII.E-mail accounts in the name of In-charges of Faculty libraries have been provided on the Jamia Hamdard mail server so that they are in continuous contact with HMS central library and seek advice on professional matters.

VIII. Library Orientation Programmes were organized for the benefit of teachers & research scholars to introduce them to the online journals & databases being subscribed by the HMS Central library and through the UGC-INFONET Consortium. Lively interactions regarding the search techniques and retrieval of research materials from the E-resources took place.,p>

IX. Soft copies of MD theses have been supplied by the HMS Central library to the CCRUM for helping them in developing the digitized database of research works in Unani medicine.

X.Delegates attending the ROTP at the Faculty of Medicine, Jamia Hamdard visited the HMS Central library. The teachers representing various colleges from all over the country appreciated the computerization of Arabic, Persian and Urdu books by the HMS Central library. They also took a round of the Periodical section and saw the retrieval of information by the students from the OPAC and UGC-INFONET consortium.

XI.M.Phil. Degree in Library Information Science have been awarded to two staff members from the HMS Central library- Mr. Zaman Aleem and Mr. Imran Khan, by the Madurai-Kamaraj JAMIA Hamdard, Tamil Nadu under the supervision of Dr. M.A. Prodhani, Dy. Librarian, HMS Central library.