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Deployment of Staff in HMS Central Library and duties assigned to them

Name of
Library Staff
Designation Work Assigned Seating Arrangement
Mohammed Shoaib University Librarian
Overall management, supervision of staff and all round development of the central library and faculty libraries of Jamia Hamdard Ground Floor of the library building
Dr. T. Shahab Asstt. Libraian (Circulation) Supervision of the overall Circulation work.
2nd Floor
Mr. Mirza Zahir Beg Assistant Librarian (Periodicals & Acquisition) Supervision of Purchase of Books, Serial & Online Resources.
Ground & 2nd Floor
Ms. N.A.Siddiqui Professional Assistant (In-charge, Technical Section) Classification of the books and Assigning Subject Headings to the books using LIBSYS Software.
Ground Floor
Mr. Asad Husain Siddiqui Professional Assistant (In-Charge,Acquisition Section) Placing Purchase Orders of the books to the Book Sellers, Management of Budget using LIBSYS Software, Correspondence with the Book Sellers, Checking the Bills.
Ground Floor
Ms. Salma Semi Professional Assistant Accessioning and Processing of the Books using LIBSYS Software.
Ground Floor
Mr. S.Z.Qasmi Semi Professional Assistant (In-charge, Oriental Stacks) Circulation of the books to the students and Staff using LIBSYS Software, Supervising arrangement of books in Urdu, Arabic & Persian languages.
3rd Floor
Mr. Zaman Aleem Semi Professional Assistant (In-charge, Science Stacks) Charging & Discharging of the books to the students and University Staff using LIBSYS Software.
2nd Floor
Ms. Tasneem Khatoon Professional Assistant (In-charge, Theses & Dissertations and Book Bank) Creating Database of the Thesis/Dissertations and CDs using LIBSYS Software, Issuing Books to the students from Book Bank and helping the Research Scholars in consulting the thesis/dissertations of their use.
2nd Floor
Mr. S. Q. Hasan Semi Professional Assistant (In-charge, Manuscript Section) Management of the Manuscript Section.
2nd Floor
Mr. Imran Khan Semi Professional Assistant (In-charge, Membership, Networking & IT Applications) Managing Membership Section, Dealing with University Students and Staff, Library Networking, Checking the records of the books in LIBSYS Database before their transfer to various sections and Solving all the problems related to LIBSYS Software.
Ground Floor
Mr. M.Faruque Semi Professional Assistant Cataloguing of the Urdu,Arabic and Persian books using LIBSYS Software.
Ground Floor
Mr. Shimail Hafeez Semi Professional Assistant Cataloguing English books using LIBSYS Software and generating list of books added to the library regularly.
Ground Floor

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